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Service Desk agent: Software support for the IT service

Service Desk and Support are in constant contact with customers; at the same time, they have to fulfill complex technical tasks. Support the team through practice-oriented, ITIL-certified systems. This way, service employees can master their tasks quickly instead of being delayed by additional effort for documentation. So they can concentrate on your customers.

Easy and intuitive support software

A quick and cost-conscious IT service and support only works where service staff can focus on their tasks. Lend support to the service team with a software that relieves them of routine work, provides them with information and tools and guides them automatically through the ITIL-based processes. Knowledge management A simple way of supporting the service desk is the application of existing knowledge when handling incidents. Use the option to manage knowledge articles in the support system. Thus you promote the know-how transfer in the service team.

Request Fulfillment

Supported by software, service requests of all kinds will be reliably processed and completed by the service team in a customer-oriented way. The automated Request Fulfillment in particular expedites the IT service, since it mostly involves frequently occurring standard requests such as the request to reset the password.

Event Management

In the ITSM system, you automatically consolidate automatic error messages (events) from varying systems (e.g. network monitoring). The solution immediately initiates the rule-based processing of these events. Thus you ensure that every event is processed with the required priority and the service team is relieved.

Integrating tools

Tools such as remote control, automatic inventory or software allocation support the IT service in their day-to-day work. Integrate these tools into the work interface of your service employees, so they can directly access it — e.g. in order to take over the direct control on the computer of a caller or activate a software update.

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